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Leon Lippert and ArtLeaf Publishing

Leon Lippert: Rediscovering the Art and the Man

This colorful, first-edition hard cover art book by grandson Thomas Lippert and definitive biography of Leon Lippert was published in 2001 by ArtLeaf Publishing Co., Cincinnati. Over 100 paintings are illustrated in run-of-the-book color and discussed. Its 160 pages include a profusely illustrated birth-to-death life of the artist, with early twentieth century art history of Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky richly drawn by the research of James E. Schwartz, PhD.

Subjects include portraits of notable citizens from Sidney, Ohio, south to Lexington, Kentucky; life studies; landscapes; still life; commercial illustrations; and Catholic church commissions. A comprehensive list of 450 known works was painstakingly compiled, yet probably represents barely half of Lippert's works.

Ideal for coffee table or gifting, the book reflects the most modern printing technology. Behind the treated dust cover is a fully printed hard cover with varnished illustration of Lippert's museum piece, Fountain Square 1929. Design and printing are of the highest quality. The book retails for $49.00 and is available at the following Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky locations:

Cincinnati Art Museum Gift Shop, 45202 (513) 639-2959
Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 45208 (513) 396-8960

Behringer-Crawford Museum, 41012 (859) 491-4003

(If you reside outside the Greater Cincinnati area, CONTACT us to order a book.)

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